image recognition cloud platform for every printing factory

Manufacture of printed goods including commercial printing and packaging printing is made up of craftsmen's skills and complicated quality control. The value of printing is appraised when those products display at the place of public and when they are taken in hand. In order to control their quality, it is necessary to identify and sensitize delicate colors close to the human eye. This product provides a mechanism to easily install advanced image recognition processing of deep learning technology specialized in printing manufacturing on site.

Improving the efficiency of printing operation at the production site realized by DEEP LEARNING.

Raising quality requirements

Difficulty in securing human resources

Short delivery time


Connecting with existing systems

This system provides Web API designed to be easy to use and SDK and library assuming to implement into the device.

The useful graphical user interface

Workers in the field with the print know-how can label data (annotation) themselves such as image classification.

Learning algorithm specialized in printing production

It's new learning methods that minimize risks from the viewpoint of leakage of defects by the optimization algorithm.

Supporting various input images

In order to solve the problem that this pre-training is difficult, it provides a mechanism to construct a fast image processing and flexible system.


Automation of visual re-inspection after printing

Automation of visual re-inspection after printing

Until now, we have confirmed and classified the defect images detected by the inspection machine after printing one by one with human eyes. From now on, AI automatically classifies the defect type and classifies it.

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